Reviewing contracts for purchase of property; preparation of property sale contracts; conducting all tasks required to finalise your property purchase or sale; reviewing and advising on commercial and residential leases

Purchasing or selling a home can be one of the most important and expensive transactions you will ever undertake.  We understand that you may be desperate to obtain your ‘dream home’ at any cost, however at Santone Lawyers we aim to ensure that you enter into the transaction with timely and appropriate legal advice to ensure that you have all relevant information about the title to the property before you make the final important decision to sign the contract. 

Santone Lawyers have an experienced team who can:

  • review and advise you on the contract for your proposed purchase, including the important aspects of a purchase at auction, or when there is a cooling off period;
  • assist you in obtaining property reports including pest, building and strata inspection reports and providing advice based upon their contents;
  • draft your property sale contract;
  • liaise with property agents and mortgagees; and
  • attend to all conveyancing procedures including the preparation of the transfer and arranging settlement.

We are also skilled in preparing and advising on leases whether they be commercial or residential. Our services include negotiating the terms of the lease and attending to registration of lease if required.

Each conveyance is unique and our services are tailored to the circumstances and requirements of each individual.

We can agree a fixed fee arrangement for a range of our conveyancing services.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.