Litigation – Unfair dismissals, adverse action, anti-bullying and other Fair Work Act Matters; discrimination law; breach of contract;
Advising – individual employment contracts and agreements, post-employment restraints and redundancy;
Drafting – contracts, policies and procedures for employers;
Workplace Health and Safety

The workplace can be fraught with emotion, yet it is important for employers and employees to look beyond their differences and find practical and commercially viable solutions. We aim to provide objective advice, always mindful of minimising our client’s costs, time and the stress often associated with employment disputes.

Santone Lawyers provide a complete service – drafting and advising on contracts and agreements, drafting policies and procedures, assisting in the resolution of grievances and advising on termination of employment. From our experience, early intervention often prevents having to resort to litigation. However, sometimes litigation is unavoidable. We have the expertise and experience in the various employment-related jurisdictions and bring a pragmatic, commercially minded approach to litigation.

Employment law is constantly evolving. We provide our clients with regular updates on developments which may impact upon them.

Please contact us to enquire about our fixed fee rates for:

  • Advice about employment contracts;
  • Advice about redundancy;
  • Drafting employment contracts;
  • Representing you in unfair dismissal, adverse action or discrimination proceedings.