Children/Parenting -negotiating agreements and orders, parenting proceedings in the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court; Hague Convention Proceedings; inter-state and international relocation; cases involving allegations of mental health, abuse, family violence, drug and alcohol, children with special needs, same sex relationships, grandparent

Property -negotiating property settlements upon the breakdown of marriage or de facto relationships; conducting property settlement proceedings in the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court; spousal maintenance including binding spousal maintenance agreements; advice about binding financial agreements; advice about how to protect your assets at the commencement of a relationship; advice about family trusts, family businesses, superannuation, inheritances, disposal and wastage of assets, non-disclosure of information about family assets and family debt.

Child Support – advice about child support assessments, departure applications (administratively and through the Court), binding child support agreements.

As a family firm, we value all types of families, and are sensitive and respectful of your family’s individual needs.

We appreciate that when relationships breakdown, there may be significant legal issues involving property, children and child support.

Engaging in the family law process can be a very stressful experience for clients. We aim to provide realistic time frames, cost estimates and from the outset, advice about accurate outcomes. We will not just tell you what you want to hear. Most importantly, we offer a compassionate, yet objective approach to your family law matter. Even if your matter is complex, we will explore all options to resolve your dispute through negotiation and family dispute resolution (mediation).

At times, parties can resolve their differences amongst themselves, or through mediation. They simply require advice and assistance to draft legally binding documents reflecting the agreement they have reached. In these matters, we can provide prompt and inexpensive assistance.

At other times, your matter may involve one or a number of the following factors and greater legal involvement (including court) may be necessary:

  • One party having considerable control over family assets and finances;
  • One party having made a greater contribution to the family assets over either a short or very long relationship;
  • Your former partner has brought false allegations of family violence (including Apprehended Domestic Violence Order proceedings);
  • You are the victim of family violence but don’t think you can prove it;
  • You feel threatened by your former partner and frightened about engaging in the legal process;
  • You don’t think you have the funds to obtain legal advice;
  • You believe your former partner is using drugs and/or alcohol and you are worried about how this may impact on the children;
  • You believe your former partner has mental health issues which impact upon their capacity to care for the children;
  • Your former partner claims you have mental health issues;
  • Your partner is refusing to let you spend time with your children;
  • The child support your former partner pays does not cover the children’s expenses;
  • You need urgent access to funds;
  • You are concerned that your former partner is hiding and/or disposing of assets;
  • You already have a binding financial agreement and need to know whether it is enforceable;
  • You are a grandparent, or other significant person in a child’s life;
  • You want to move interstate or overseas with your children;
  • Your former partner has abducted or retained your children, either in Australia or overseas (ie, potential Hague Convention proceedings).

If parties cannot resolve their differences and litigation is unavoidable, your matter will be dealt with expeditiously. Costs can be reduced through our lawyers representing you directly in Court (often without barristers). We strive to obtain just outcomes from the litigation process, enabling you and your family to move on, without being bogged down in protracted and expensive proceedings.

Regardless of whether your matter is straightforward or complex, our aim is to provide sympathetic, yet objective advice, without unnecessary emotional and legal wrangling.