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Lisa Gerace


Having graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Laws, Lisa possesses a solid foundation in legal principles and practice.
Originating from an accounting background and having previously operated her own successful bookkeeping company, Lisa possesses a comprehensive understanding of financial matters and the intricacies of businesses. This valuable combination of legal and financial expertise enables her to provide holistic solutions to our clients, addressing both legal complexities and financial implications with finesse.
Lisa is a part of our Family Law division, however, she has also developed a keen interest in employment law. Her dedication to her work allows her to offer tailored and effective advice to our clients, guiding them through legal complexities with professionalism and compassion.
Beyond her professional achievements, Lisa likes to frequent the gym, channelling her determination into staying fit and healthy. She also has a flair for cooking and her artistic side finds expression through painting, allowing her to unwind and explore her creative talents. Most importantly, Lisa treasures quality time spent with her family, cherishing the moments that create lifelong memories.