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Coronavirus changes to the Workers Compensation Act 1987

On 14 May 2020 new workers compensation laws regarding Covid-19 commenced to simplify and make it easier for certain workers to lodge claims.

 Under the new laws if a “prescribed worker” is diagnosed with Covid-19 it will be presumed that the disease was contracted during employment. Importantly, this means that the worker does not have to prove from where they contracted the virus and it will be accepted that it was contracted in the course of employment. This allows infected workers to claim weekly benefits and medical treatment and potentially other benefits.

Coronavirus and Your Family’s Safety

We are mindful that the COVID-19 epidemic, along with the resulting economic crisis, will place enormous strain on vulnerable families.

There will be many people in the community who are worried about their safety and that of their children.

For those people who have experienced family violence, being confined in close quarters could place them at risk of further incidents.

Protecting members of the community remains an essential service and people should not hesitate to contact the Police, who will continue to respond to calls for help from victims of domestic violence.

Please see below link which provides information in respect of recent changes to laws around Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders.

Coronavirus in the Workplace

It is inevitable that the coronavirus will have an impact on the working conditions of most, if not all, Australians.

Many workers have been asked to work from home, whilst others are on rotating shifts in different teams, whilst others don't have any option but to work in their usual workplace, particularly in the transport industry.

Working from home

Working from home, if possible, appears to be a sensible way in which you can protect yourself from against contracting the virus and for most employers, best practice guidelines call for this option to be strongly considered.