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On 14 May 2020 new workers compensation laws regarding Covid-19 commenced to simplify and make it easier for certain workers to lodge claims.

 Under the new laws if a “prescribed worker” is diagnosed with Covid-19 it will be presumed that the disease was contracted during employment. Importantly, this means that the worker does not have to prove from where they contracted the virus and it will be accepted that it was contracted in the course of employment. This allows infected workers to claim weekly benefits and medical treatment and potentially other benefits.

The term “prescribed employment” applies to many frontline professions, including workers involved with "passenger transport services". If you have been diagnosed with Covid-19 please contact Santone Lawyers  so we can advise you as to whether you work in “prescribed employment”. Workers who are not employed in “prescribed employment” can still lodge a workers compensation claim for Covid-19 should they be able to prove that they have contracted the virus in the course of employment.

For any enquiries regarding coronavirus, please feel free to contact our offices.

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Anthony Byrne Anthony Byrne
Senior Associate

14 May 2020